Frozen Cocktail Machines BrisbaneFrozen Cocktail Machines Brisbane

What’s included in the hire?

We provide you with the twin bowled frozen cocktail machine, cocktail mixes (28 to 30 ltrs) as well as the cups and straws. The only thing we don’t supply is the alcohol, however we will advise on the quantities required once we know your selections.

What’s the difference between a Daiquiri Machine, a Slushie Machine, and a Cocktail Machine?

Nothing. They are just different names for the same machine.

Do we need to add ice?

No. The machine freezes the cocktail itself. Adding ice will damage the machine.

How long will it take for the frozen cocktail machine to slush up?

It normally takes around 1 to 2 hours for the frozen cocktails to become slushy and ready for drinking. This will of course depend on where the machine is placed as well as the room temperature. We recommend you allow 2 hours to ensure the cocktails are ready for when your guests arrive.

When is the Frozen Cocktail Machine delivered?

We normally deliver in the morning of the event or at least 2 to 3 hours before start time to allow for the cocktail to become slushy. However we are very flexible and will endeavour to work in with you.

Where do we place the machine once it is delivered?

The cocktail machine weighs approx 60kg (more when filled with cocktails). The ideal location is a bench-top or solid table, out of direct sunlight, wind or rain, with access to a standard power outlet.

On really hot days we recommend that the machine be placed indoors for best results.

How many drinks will the machine make?

This depends on the size of your glass. If you use one of our standard 200ml cups you will get approx 160 drinks (80 per cocktail).

Can we purchase extra Slushie or Cocktail mix?

Of course you can. Additional cocktail mixes and syrups are available for purchase at just $30 per bottle. In the event that it is unused / unopened we can take it back without charge.

What about the underage guests?

We have a range of fruit based mocktails that are perfect for kid’s parties or where non-alcoholic drinks are required. See our Kids Parties page for further details.

Another option is to offer one alcoholic cocktail and one non-alcoholic mocktail to cater for all your guests.

Can we make our own frozen cocktails?

No. The cocktail and daiquiri mixes we use are specially formulated for frozen cocktail machines. They contain a sugar consistency low enough to allow the mix to slush up without freezing solid.

When is the Frozen Cocktail machine picked up?

Usually we pick up the day after your event. However, if you’re hiring a venue and need to be out by a certain time we can pick up the equipment at the end of the event, for no extra charge.