Frozen Cocktails BrisbaneFrozen Cocktails Brisbane

We supply you with your choice of 2 premium cocktail mixes which makes approximately 160 standard cocktails (80 per mix).

Please note: We do not supply alcohol.

We deliver our machines to anywhere in the greater Brisbane area, and even beyond, please see our price list. We also install and set up the machine for you, and show you how to operate it.

Please see below for our current list of cocktails. If you have any enquiries, please get in touch!

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Just add..

Fruit Tingle Real Fruit Tingle flavour and a fabulous purple colour 1.4L Vodka
Cosmopolitan Lime & fresh cranberry flavour – the Sex in the City girls’ favourite 1.4L Vodka + 500ml Triple Sec
Melon Illusion Great Melon Liqueur sensation with fresh pineapple juice 1.4L Vodka
Kamikaze For something a little bit adventurous!! 1.4L Vodka + 500ml Triple Sec
Blue Lagoon Dive into one of our most popular drinks 1.4L Vodka + 500ml Blue Curacao
Viagra To last the whole night… 1.4L Vodka + 500ml Blue Curacao + Red bull x 4
Lime Margarita Fresh limes and a splash of Grand Marnier – authentic Mexican flavour 1.4L Tequila
Strawberry Margarita A classic favourite 1.4L Tequila
Mango Margarita Another classic- with a mango twist 1.4L Tequila
Ocean Explosion Taste of melon, pineapple juice and coconut – colours of the ocean! 1.4L Malibu +500ml Blue Curacao
Strawberry Daiquiri Always a favourite – real strawberries and the cool taste of white rum. 1.4L Bacardi
Mango Daiquiri Ever-popular fresh mango and smooth taste of white rum 1.4L Bacardi
Mojito Cool citrus and mint flavoured cocktail 1.4L Bacardi
Pina Colada An old favourite – summer sensation of pineapple and coconut. 1.4L Bacardi
Chi Chi Pineapple, coconut with a tang of orange 1.4L Bacardi + 500ml Triple Sec
Midori Splice Delicious melon flavour with the taste of coconut, pineapple juice and cream 1.4L Coconut Rum
Midori Colada Midori with real pineapple and coconut flavour 1.4L Midori
Sex on the Beach Relaxes the body! ..without the sand!! 700ml Midori & 1L Banana Liqueur
Japanese Slipper Great taste of Midori, lemonade and orange 1.4L Midori + 500ml Triple Sec
Cola Bourbon or dark Rum with a hint of fresh lime. Even the men will drink this one!! 1.4L Bourbon, Bundy Rum or JD
Mudslide Rich, smooth & creamy, it’s just like drinking frozen Baileys 1L Baileys + 700ml Vodka
White Russian Creamy White chocolate and Kahlua 500ml Baileys, 500ml Kahlua & 700ml Vodka
Brizzie River Quiver Float away with your favourite liqueurs and the taste sensation of French vanilla 700ml Tia Maria, 700ml Frangelico & 700ml Baileys
Cowboy An old favourite – full of flavour 1L Baileys + 700ml Vodka + 500ml Butterscotch Schnapps

Cruisers or Breezers

Refreshing frozen, fruity flavours! Choose your favourite

Raspberry Cruiser 1.4L Vodka OR Bacardi
Strawberry Cruiser 1.4L Vodka OR Bacardi
Lemon Lime Cruiser 1.4L Vodka OR Bacardi
Mango Cruiser 1.4L Vodka OR Bacardi
Tropical Blue 1.4L Vodka OR Bacardi